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215179 5516170658 4338 nSummer season is here and for us that means lots of fishing. Not only will we be out fishing our selves, but we will be taking guests with us. That means the best gear will be taken out, the best spots shown to a selected few, and no fish can feel safe from being caught. For us in the Nordic countries we have the following calendar. Early summer is the best time for Arctic Char and Brown Trout. These fish like water temperatures up to 8 C. Any warmer and there has to be something really special going on for them to feed. Around mid summer the water has gotten too warm for the Arctic Char, and they drop down to depths around 20-30 meters (60-90 Feet). The trout will also drop down, but stop when they get down to water temperature is between 10 and 12 C. By now the Perch and pike have become really active. they love when water temperatures are between 12 and 15 C. This is also when all the eggs from the spring spawner's hatch, and most insects start to hatch. Food is in abundance, and the fish go crazy. At times if there are enough insects hatching even the Arctic Char will come up from the depths to feed. 
Further south in the Nordics there are more species of freshwater fish to catch. Most of these are warm water species that feed at about the same time as the Pike and perch, so we won't get into them. On the other hand, the Nordic countries have long coasts with lots of different species to catch. Summer time is perfect for the specimen hunter and species hunters. Nice weather allows for fishing after Hallibut, cod, ling, ling-cod, pollack, mackerel, coalfish, gar and lots of other species. The coast is just bubbling with fish of all kinds. 

Hi there folks. Winter season is upon us and we've got a newly updated site. We are in the process of adding a lot of new and exiting products. Some that you'll not find anywhere else. We try and support small do it your self companies in stead of the big brand names. This means that you will fins a lot of hand made top quality products not found anywhere else. Pieces of art that out perform their commercial counterparts as well as looking good in your tackle box. We also consult and work together with a lot of the top competition anglers in Ice fishing, allowing us to first hand get knowledge of what goes and what doesn't. We are also out there in the field, showing new products to the anglers at competitions, and picking up advice and tips. This way we are 100% up to date on the market.
And most of all The website is open for everyone except those living in the Nordic countries of Norway, Sweden and Denmark. People located in these three countries can click on their country name, and visit the respective websites for their countries.