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Perch Skin Orange belly 77mm

Balance jig with real fish skin.
With shipment Posted letter 100-249g for $8.00
Sales price $22.00
Price / kg:

12006895 10205231545964174 1057538815 oPetri Muuttoranta is a lure builder that specializes on making balance jigs and wobblers made out of parts from real fish. The parts are cured and dried, and later applied to his lures using old Finish Lure builders techniques, The results are just amazing.  Petri is famous enough to have been filmed for national TV in Finland. You can see the clip HERE.

Our selection of Petri's lures are carefully selected, and we will try and expand our selection in time. Not though that Petri's lures are extremely popular, and it can take time before we get new stock in if we go empty. That's just to recon when dealing with artwork.



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