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A lure lip for flies to make them swim better.
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FlylippsEver been irritated because you never get that right action on your fly ?
Well, here is the solution. The Flylipp gives your fly the same swimming action as a wobbler. This is great for small fish imitations, but there is more. Use it to get the correct action on your worm imitations. You can even mount it up side down on your big weighted nymphs. let the nymph sink to the bottom, retrieve about a foot of line, then let it sink again. The fly will look like it is actually trying to swim to the surface. Just like a nymph on it's way up to hatch. If you tie a deer hair fly and mount the flylip you will get a great popper. Watch how much water it pushes while working the surface.

Here is a Youtube clip showing how a common streamer will swim in the water with the flylip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C-Z_diD6m7s&list=UUbov7PCRkWmbkUrCM-rqnJQ

And here is one showing how to tie a fly using the Flylipp: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jZdAHhhp0PI&list=UUbov7PCRkWmbkUrCM-rqnJQ&index=93


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